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Understanding that regardless of the type of oil used; Bio, Mineral or Synthetic, it’s not the oil

so much that needs changing. It’s all about the additives or consumables that keep your

engine protected. Modern oils don’t break down as easily and it’s all too easy to be convinced

that  extended life oils are the ticket. Not so!


Engine oil additives trap combustion byproducts to prevent buildup on internal components, reduce

temperatures, promote adherence, modify flow characteristics and a host of other benefits too

numerous to list. By design, these additives are consumable and “wear” away as they perform their

magic. The trapped byproducts build up in suspension and produce sludge.


Draining oil from a Cold engine not only takes more time, but will never sufficiently drain the

sludge from the base of your engine!


TIP: Warm Drains are the Rule. Warm oil will temporarily dissolve the sludge and suspend

contaminants. Not only will your oil drain more quickly, but you’ll flush your engine more



Small step: Big payoff. Burke Anders, TMST


Dedicated to extending service life through attention to detail.